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Please read our conditions:
  • You must be a registered user before you can upload your photos.
  • We ask that you only upload photos of Hosta varieties that are listed in our catalogue or mentioned in the limited availability list.
  • We prefer to receive landscape photos with a minimum size of 1350x900 and a maximum size of 8 MB.
  • For every approved photo you will receive Hosta credits. These credits can only be used in our web shop to buy Hostas and cannot be used for any other purchases or shipping costs.
  • We will reward the approved uploaded photos as follows:
    > Hosta credits worth 2 euros for Hosta photos from the main catalogue or the limited list that will be a new first main photo.
    > Hosta credits worth 1 euro for Hosta photos from the main catalogue or the limited list that will be NOT be a main photo.
    > Hosta credits worth 0,50 euro for Hosta photos that are not for sale
  • All photos sent to us and approved by us will become our property. We will do everything technically possible to protect the property rights of the photos. The name of the photographer will be mentioned on the website.
  • Not all photos will be approved. You have the best chance when the photo is an improvement of the photos already placed on the website (for example, a more mature plant or one showing better colours). Photos of specific details of leaves, red petioles or any other unique characteristics are welcome. We will limit each variety to no more than 5 photos on the website.
  • Please allow us to take several days to approve your photo, especially in the busy months.
  • Fransen Hostas will send a short notification about photos we cannot use. Fransen Hostas has the right to reject photos we cannot use and will send a note explaining the reason for disapproval. Rejected photos will be deleted and not sent back.
  • Please be sure the name of the photographer is correct and that the Hosta photo is true to type. Unfortunately, if we have any doubt we cannot honour your photo.
  • This offer applies to EU citizens only. At this time it is not possible for people outside the EU to join us but if you have interesting photos you can contact Fransen Hostas direct on [email protected]