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Hosta 'Empress Wu' ®

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Huge thick dark green leaves, probably the largest Hosta that exist, a hybrid of 'Big John'.

Hosta Empress Wu has green leaves and is a extra large - extra extra large Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 120 to 140 cm and the growth is medium.

The pod parent is Hosta 'Big John'.

Empress Wu sports:



No information available yet

Empress Wu Streaked

No information available yet

Gabriel's Wing

Large grey-green leaves with yellow margins.


No information available yet


No information available yet


Empress Wu is a pod parent for:


Blue Wu

Very large blue-green leaves, probably one of the largest blue Hostas, one of the first introduced 'Empress Wu' hybrids

Giantland Golden Goddess

No information available yet

Holar Great Wall

No information available yet

Holar Ice Empress

Icy-blue leaves. Lookes like a very blue 'Empress Wu'. Let's see if this one will be as big as 'Empress Wu'.

Justin Tyme

No information available yet


Empress Wu is a pollen parent for:


Bayside Regal

Green leaves.

Blue Moonlight Cup

Blue leaves.

Drop-dead Gorgeous

Blue-green leaves with heavily rippled margins.


Huge and long blue-green leaves. Special appearance because of the many and deeply impressed veins.

Terms of Endearment

Very large, rounded blue leaves with a yellowish-green border. Superior to the similar classic 'Frances Williams' in hav


Empress Wu is similar to:

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sun and shade

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