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Summer is the perfect month for planting our Hostas. The warm temperatures make sure that Hostas root instantly…make sure that the planted Hostas are not too dry and not too wet for the first two weeks after planting and success is guaranteed. This summer we will keep shipping till the first week of August 2020 and continue shipping again early September 2020

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In our Webshop you will find a large selection of Hostas to choose from. All plants and books are easily combined in an online order.

Hosta clearance

Hosta clearance

The clearance Hosta catalogue is a list of Hostas that are on sale for reduced prices to make room for the new introductions of an ever growing Hosta assortment

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Collector's corner

Plants offered here are available in very limited numbers and when sold out not available again for 2020

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More information

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Price € 14 / Current Stock: 1

Rounded yellow leaves in spring that turn light-green later in the season. Lehel Kosá named this introduction for his wife Susanna.


Price € 25 / Current Stock: 1

Firm, steel-blue leaves with a wavy margin on purple petioles. A really fantastic plant with all the good characteristics of 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Neptune' and 'Smoke Signals'. Plants we sell are smallish but good.

Peppermint Twist

Price € 22 / Current Stock: 1

Upright green, twisted leaves with ruffled borders. Plants we sell are small.

Ogon Amachi

Price € 8 / Current Stock: 1

Bright yellow leaves with red petioles, the correct name for longipes 'Aurea'.

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Stitch Genes

Price € 0

No information available yet

Sails Ho

Price € 45

White leaves with blue-green borders. The white does change to a flecked white green later in the season.

No information available yet

Paisley Border

Price € 12

Dark green leaves with a rippled and irregular yellow margin that colors white. The reversed sport of 'Lakeside Paisley Print'.

Most popular Hostas


Price € 6

Golden yellow leaves, blue-green margin, 'Halcyon' sport, one of the best, should be in each garden.


Price € 5

Heart-shaped intense blue leaves, an easy growing 'Tardiana', one of the best Hostas that exist.

Blue Mouse Ears

Price € 5

Very thick small round blue leaves, different from all other Hostas, a 'Blue Cadet' sport.

Empress Wu

Price € 10

Huge thick dark green leaves, probably the largest Hosta that exist, a hybrid of 'Big John'.