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Yankee Blue

Price € 10 / Current Stock: 1

Thick blue-green slightly wavy leaves, a good hybrid of 'Blue Arrow' and 'Elatior'.


Price € 8 / Current Stock: 1

Elongated yellow leaves, ruffled green margin, all-green later, 'Green Fountain' is one of its parents.


Price € 25 / Current Stock: 1

Firm, steel-blue leaves with a wavy margin on purple petioles. A really fantastic plant with all the good characteristics of 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Neptune' and 'Smoke Signals'. Plants we sell are smallish but good.

Red October

Price € 5 / Current Stock: 1

Grey-green leaves with a white underside, red petioles, very floriferous fall bloomer.

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Price € 9

Extemly thick, dark green leaves. Can be seen as the tetraploid 'Devon Green'.


Price € 10

Green folded leaves with a creamy-white margin, sport of 'Wide Brim'.

Red October

Price € 5

Grey-green leaves with a white underside, red petioles, very floriferous fall bloomer.

Mr. Blue

Price € 10

Powdery blue leaves on purple-red petioles. A outstanding variety.

Most popular Hostas


Price € 5

Golden yellow leaves, blue-green margin, 'Halcyon' sport, one of the best, should be in each garden.

Blue Mouse Ears

Price € 5

Very thick small round blue leaves, different from all other Hostas, a 'Blue Cadet' sport.


Price € 4

Heart-shaped intense blue leaves, an easy growing 'Tardiana', one of the best Hostas that exist.

Empress Wu

Price € 10

Huge thick dark green leaves, probably the largest Hosta that exist, a hybrid of 'Big John'.