Fransen Hostas Photo Upload conditions

(effective from July 2020)

Please read our conditions:
  • Hosta photos can be uploaded only if you are a registered user with an account on our website.
  • Hosta photos can be uploaded of all species/ varieties mentioned in our extensive database. Please inform us when a name of a particular Hosta is not mentioned in our database and we are happy to add that “missing” name.
  • We prefer to receive landscape photos with a minimum size of 1350px / 900px and a maximum size of 12 MB.
  • For every approved photo Hosta-credits will be added to your account. These credits can be used for all online purchases in our webshop, exclusive shipping costs.
  • Approved uploaded Hosta photos will be rewarded with € 1,50 Hosta-credits. If your photo of particular species / variety stands out and is judged by us as the new lead photo it will be rewarded with € 2,50 Hosta-credits.
  • All uploaded photos that are approved by us from July 2020 will become our property and only used by Fransen Hostas. If other parties are interested in your photos we will ask your permission for using them first. The name of the photographer will be mentioned on our website in combination with the photo. We will do everything technically possible to protect the property rights of the photos.
  • Not all uploaded photos will be approved. You have the best chance when the photo is an improvement (for example more mature, showing better colours) over the photos already placed on our website.
  • Please allow us to take several days to judge your uploaded photos, especially in the busy months
  • Fransen Hostas will send a short notification about photos we cannot use. Rejected photos will be deleted and not used for any purpose.
  • Judging will be less rigid when there is none or not many photos of particular species/variety available to show at least a photo of that Hosta.
  • Please be sure the name of the photographer is correct and that the Hosta photo is true to type. Unfortunately, if we have any doubt we cannot honour your photo.
  • This offer applies to EU citizens only. At this time it is not possible for people outside the EU to join us but if you have interesting photos you can contact Fransen Hostas direct on

As Fransen Hostas it is our goal to show photos of as many hosta species and varieties as possible grown in private gardens en collection all over the world to share all the beauty of this wonderful plant.