Which type of soil?

Believe it or not, almost any type of soil is suitable for a Hosta. It is not a picky plant and has the power to adjust to most circumstances. The same variety will be a bit larger in soil that retains more moisture than in dry sandy soil. In both cases it is advisable to add some compost to the hole before planting your Hosta as the compost will lighten a heavy soil so young roots can develop more easily and gives a dry soil the ability to hold the moisture longer until needed by the plant.

People often complain that a Hosta gets smaller and smaller through the years. In most cases it is the root competition of trees and shrubs that cause this problem and not the type of soil. A Hosta is well-known as a shade lover and often planted under trees and shrubs which develop roots that eventually become too much competition for the amount of moisture available. If you decide you want Hostas in these locations we suggest you make a nice group of Hostas in pots so they really get the water they need.

If you are not sure if Hostas are suitable in a particular spot of your garden because it is a dry location, try a piece of a Hosta from another part of the garden by simply chopping off a division of an existing plant. If you do not have a Hosta in your garden you can ask someone you know for a piece and if you have success at growing the plant we have plenty of other Hostas to create your own little Hosta paradise.