If you have complaints about the quality or true to name doubts of our Hostas we are always willing to find a solution with our customers. To guarantee a 100% regrowth is almost impossible but we do strive to have 100% customer satisfaction. In the unexpected case of complaints we would appreciate that they be supported with photos by e-mail. We always offer to resend the variety or varieties that do not meet expectations,...of course, without extra costs. If the variety or varieties concerned are not available at that time we will offer an equal or more valuable variety or will return the amount mentioned on the invoice of that particular variety. The guarantee we offer is valid for a period of 6 months after the invoice date.

Plants grown in extreme weather conditions such as too much moisture, too dry or late frost damage will not be qualified for resending or money returns.

We would like to ask if you have a complaint not to send plants back to avoid unnecessary costs for both sides. In many cases these Hostas will grow out to nice plants but will take a longer time to achieve that.

Please Note! In our catalogue we offer a number of varieties and indicate in the description that they are not easy to grow or, in some cases, difficult to grow. Therefore, these varieties are excluded from our regrowth guarantee. Plants indicated as smallish or not big are mostly brand new introductions and are qualified for our guarantee.