Our Plants…

Fransen Hostas does everything possible to offer you healthy and virus free plants. Next to our home grown plants we only purchase new plants from suppliers, at home and abroad, that can guarantee us disease free plants.

The size of the plants we offer does vary. The price doesn’t indicate the size and a higher price often indicates a recent introduction. In most cases, the new varieties are smaller, imported plants or recent introductions from a tissue culture laboratory and need some extra care when you order those from us. It will always be a difficult decision for us to wait to introduce a new variety as we know many of the Hosta collectors are as impatient as we are. We grow our Hostas in 1 liter (smaller varieties) and 2 liter (bigger varieties) pots. Dividing and repotting is done all year round at our nursery which is related to the enormous assortment we are dealing with. This makes it happen that a slight fluctuation of our quality is possible.

If you are unhappy with our plants please let us know. It is very helpful if you are able to support your complaint or remark with some photos and email it straight to us. Plants are and stay a product of nature and we still learn daily to exclude as much risk as possible with the information you give us. In the case of well-founded complaints we will replace the plants, of course without extra costs.

We ship our Hostas all-year round with the months of April and May being the busiest months. In this period the plants are most beautiful and freshly emerged. It might happen that the leaves go slightly infirm when replanted but this is known to happen with Hosta for a couple of days and the leaves will again be upright and sturdy. Maybe a somewhat unusual period is June and July for shipping but the plants are fully hardened and more important is that the temperature of the soil in garden or pot is much higher so the Hosta immediately forms new roots and leaves when planted.