Payments of your Hosta order

Payment for an order is required within one week after placing the order (as mentioned on the order confirmation) unless there are other arrangements made with Fransen Hostas.

Plants will be shipped upon receipt of payment. A preferred shipping date may be filled in when your order is placed through our webshop.

If no payment is received we will cancel the order and no longer reserve the plants.

Payment can be made to our IBAN/BANK # NL27RABO0300300123 or our PayPal account: Please indicate your order number when making payment.

Required bank details for foreign bank transfers are: Rabobank Groene Hart Noord, Teylersplein 2, 2441 LE Nieuwveen. BIC: RABONL2U.

Please note: It is only possible to pay by cash at the nursery as we are unable to accept PIN cards or credit cards.