Almost all Hostas are suitable to grow in pots, containers, barrels and lots more possibilities. Nevertheless there are a few things that you need to know:

  • Make sure there is drainage. The pots always need to have a hole in the bottom that can allow surplus water to drain. A layer of expended clay aggregate or pebbles is recommended.
  • Use a potting soil that remains loose, for example a potting soil mix that contains larger ingredients such as coconut fibers or composted bark. There are prepared potting soil mixes like this available.
  • Fertilize every spring with an organic fertilizer. Hostas are not very selective but when in pots feeding is necessary. The range of available fertilizers is enormous but something as simple as a cow manure pellet is adequate.
  • The pots can overwinter outside. When there is a long dry period in fall-winter it is advisable to check as they need to remain moist during winter.

There was a big problem with growing Hostas in pots a couple of years ago. The winter in Europe was extremely mild and caused the Hostas in pots (not in the garden) to start growing in January. It was not visible but inside the pot they advanced and a short, but severe period of frost early in February did the Hostas in pots much harm.