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Hosta 'June' ®

(Sold out)

Golden yellow leaves, blue-green margin, 'Halcyon' sport, one of the best, should be in each garden.

Hosta June has yellow leaves with a blue margin and is a medium Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 35 to 40 cm and the growth is medium.

This is a sport of Hosta 'Halcyon'.

June sports:


Early Times

Golden leaves, sport of 'June', the varieties 'May' and 'English Sunrise' are identical.

Endless Summer

No information available yet

English Sunrise

Heart-shaped yellow leaves, all-gold sport of 'June', identical to 'May' and 'Early Times'.

High Society

Leaves are creamy-yellow with a wide blue-green margin, 'June' sport like 'Remember Me', but different.

June Fever

Bright yellow leaves with a thin green margin, could be a 'June' or 'Devon Green' sport.


June is a pod parent for:


Blue Tooth

A large Hosta with narrow blue leaves

Breeven's Roy

No information available yet

Cat Whiskers

No information available yet

June is a pollen parent for:


Banana Split

No information available yet

Carolina Keepsake

No information available yet

Elkhart Lake

Large grey-green leaves with a very white back of the leaf, hypoleuca x 'June' hybrid.

Enduring Beacon

Glossy, bright golden yellow leaves of which the color holds well through the season, 'Liberty Bell' x 'June' hybrid.

Fragrant Star

Blue-green leaves, only slightly fragrant, 'Invincible' x 'June' hybrid.


June is similar to:

Paradise Joyce

Blue leaves with a blue-green centre changing to yellow and finally white, 'Halcyon' sport.

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