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Hosta 'Blue Cadet'

(Hosta clearance!)

Rounded blue-green leaves, easy to use in every garden, good growing, very floriferous.

Hosta Blue Cadet has blue leaves and is a small - medium Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 25 to 30 cm and the growth is fast to medium.

The pod parent is Hosta 'Tokudama'.

Blue Cadet sports:


A 10 Hut

No information available yet

Baby Doll

Round blue-green leaves with a dark yellow center, a beautiful sport of 'Blue Cadet'.

Blue Cadet Streaked

Blue leaves with yellwoish-white streaks.

Blue Mouse Ears

Very thick small round blue leaves, different from all other Hostas, a 'Blue Cadet' sport.

Kiwi Blue Flash

Blue-green leaves with irregular yellow stripes, an unstable sport of 'Blue Cadet'.


Blue Cadet is a pod parent for:



Cream and green mottled leaves that become more green later in the season, a seedling of 'Blue Cadet'.

Beauty Little Blue

Narrow blue-green leaves, supposed to be a 'Blue Cadet' x clausa normalis hybrid.

Blue Heaven

Silvery blue leaves, a 'Blue Cadet' seedling that has a lot of characteristics of a 'Tardiana'.

Blueberry Tart

Intense blue somewhat folded leaves, a rapid growing hybrid of 'Blue Cadet' and 'Fall Bouquet'.


No information available yet


Blue Cadet is a pollen parent for:


Childhood Fantasy

Blue leaves of good substance with a very rippled margin and twisted leaf tip, 'Elvis Lives' x 'Blue Cadet' hybrid.

Gold Edger

Light green changing to golden leaves, very floriferous and good growing.

Kiwi Canoe

Oval-shaped blue leaves that are somewhat folded, better blue color than 'Blue Cadet' of which it is a seedling.

Lakeside Neat Petite

Heart-shaped slightly cupped green leaves, venusta x 'Blue Cadet' hybrid.

Red Cadet

Grey-green leaves with purple-red petioles and flower scapes, 'Riptide' x 'Blue Cadet', fast grower.

Blue Cadet is similar to:

Abiqua Blue Edger

Round blue-green leaves, very fast grower, suitable as an edger, similar to 'Blue Cadet'.

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