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Hosta ' Blue Moon '

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Small rounded intense blue leaves, slow growing, but beautiful 'Tardiana'.

Hosta ' Blue Moon ' has blue leaves and is a small Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade . The height is 15 to 20 cm and the growth is medium to slow .

The pod parent is Hosta 'Tardiflora'.

The Pollen parent is Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'.

Blue Moon sports:


Blue Moon Variegated

No information available yet

Blue Moon is a pod parent for:


Blue Circle 2

No information available yet

Deep Blue Sea

Intense blue very corrugated leaves, 'Blue Moon' hybrid with a 'Tokudama' look, one of our

Ellie Marie

No information available yet

Full Moon

Round and cupped blue leaves, slow growing seedling of 'Blue Moon'.

May Moon

No information available yet


No information available yet

Pete's Slon-he

No information available yet

Blue Moon is a pollen parent for:



Blue leaves with lightly ruffled edges, thick wax coating, a 'Tardiana' x a white backed l

Silver Bay

Cupped and corrugated intense silvery-blue leaves, a 'Blue Moon' hybrid.

Silver Moon

Round powdery blue leaves, a nice cross between 'Maekawa' and 'Blue Moon'.

Warwick Delight

Blue-green leaves, white centre, 'Blue Moon' is one of its parents, slow grower, collector

Blue Ice

Small rounded intense blue leaves, 'Dorset Blue' x 'Blue Moon' hybrid, a very slow grower.


Corrugated green leaves with a creamy-white margin, easy grower.

Con Te Partiro

Blue-green leaves with a creamy-white margin. A fast growing Hosta that stays nicely compa


Blue Moon is similar to:

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Ben Vernooij

Ben Vernooij

semi shade and full shade

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