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Hosta ' Blue Umbrellas '


Large blue leaves that change to dark green later, cupped downwards, 'Tokudama' x sieboldiana 'Elegans' hybrid.

Hosta ' Blue Umbrellas ' has green leaves and is a extra large Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 100 to 120 cm and the growth is fast to medium .

The pod parent is Hosta 'Tokudama'.

The Pollen parent is Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'.

Blue Umbrellas sports:


Blue Lightning

No information available yet

Blue Umbrellas Streaked

No information available yet

Dancing in the Rain

Grey-green leaves with a creamy-white centre, needs some morning sun, sport of 'Blue Umbre


No information available yet

Eminent Domain

No information available yet


Very large grey-green leaves with a wide yellow margin that turns cream. A sport of 'Blue

Rain Dancer

Blue-green leaves with a greenish-yellow margin, a sport of 'Blue Umbrellas'.


Blue Umbrellas is a pod parent for:


Big B

Large dark-green leaves with lots of big bubbles. A striking seedling of ‘Blue Umbrellas’.

Big Bloomers

No information available yet

Give Me Room

No information available yet


No information available yet

King Tucker

No information available yet

Potomac Pride

Upright shiny dark green leaves of good substance, 'Blue Umbrellas' x 'Treasure Island' hy


Round grey-green leaves with a wavy margin, 'Blue Umbrellas' x plantaginea.

Blue Umbrellas is a pollen parent for:


Blazing Saddles

Dark green leaves with a wide creamy-white edge, 'Blue Umbrellas' is one of the parents.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

No information available yet

Blue Umbrellas is similar to:

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sun and shade

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