Hosta ' Blue Vision '


Round blue leaves of good substance, already found in 1976, but still one of the best sieboldiana selections.

Hosta ' Blue Vision ' has blue leaves and is a large Hosta that has near white flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade. The height is 65 to 70 cm and the growth is medium.

The pod parent is Aden 355.

The Pollen parent is Aden 353.

Blue Vision sports:

Blue Vision Streaked

is 'Blue Vision Supreme'.

Blue Vision Supreme

No information available yet

Winter Vision

Thick blue leaves with a green colored center, slow growing sport of 'Blue Vision'.

Blue Vision is a pod parent for:

Steve Moldovan

No information available yet

True Love

No information available yet

Blue Vision is a pollen parent for:

Blue Lettuce

Thick and corrugated blue leaves that are unruly folded and cupped.

Blue Regal

Oval-shaped chalky blue leaves are corrugated. A hybrid between 'Gold Regal'and 'Blue Vision' with t

Blue Whirls

Blue-grey leaves, good growing Hosta, makes a nice specimen, seedling x 'Blue Vision' hybrid.

Cerulean Magic

Rounded, bright blue leaves of good substance. A good growing cross between 'Gold Regal' and 'Blue V

Gold Vision

Upright bright golden leaves of good substance. A hybrid between 'Gold Regal' and 'Blue Vision'.

Lime Regal

Lime green leaves that turn gold in the sun.

Love Pat

Round-shaped cupped and puckered blue leaves, good growing 'Tokudama' type.

Peacock Feathers

Light blue leaves. Special because of it's flowers. Each flower has extra petals.

Prairie Dawn

Heart-shaped green leaves with a yellow marging that turns cream later.

Prairie Dazzler

Bright golden leaves that are corrugated.

Blue Vision is similar to:

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Ben Vernooij

Ben Vernooij

semi shade and full shade

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