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Hosta 'Halcyon'


Heart-shaped intense blue leaves, an easy growing 'Tardiana', one of the best Hostas that exist.

Hosta Halcyon has blue leaves ist eine medium Hosta that has lavender Blüten und wächst in sun and shade . Die Höhe ist 40 bis 45 cm und sie wächst fast to medium.

Die Mutterpflanze ist Hosta 'Tardiflora'.

Die Vaterpflanze ist Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'.

Halcyon hat folgende Sports hervorgebracht:


Blue Ivory

Heart-shaped blue leaves with a very wide white margin, a sport of 'Halcyon' that is ident


Very thick blue leaves. A 'Halcyon' sport and identical to 'Touch of Frost'.

Canadian Shield

No information available yet


Heart-shaped soft-yellow leaves with a wide blue margin, sport of 'Halcyon', looks like 'T

Chiemsee Eisvogel

No information available yet

Chiemsee Glimmer

No information available yet

Devon Dream

Blue leaves with greenish-yellow margins in spring disappearing slowly through the season.


Halcyon ist Mutterpflanze von


Bix Blues

Intense blue leaves, very thick substance, a 'Halcyon' x sieboldiana 'Elegans' hybrid.

Carolina Blue

Good blue leaves, also in full sun, 'Halcyon' x 'Riptide' hybrid.

Cool Dreams

Cupped and corrugated nice blue leaves. A cross between the two excellent blue Hostas, 'Ha

Cup of Grace

Cupped, dark green leaves of good substance that are upright and puckered, seedling of 'Ha

Halcyon Harmony

No information available yet


Cupped blue leaves with a wavy margin.


Lance-shaped intense blue leaves, a slow grower, a seedling of 'Halcyon'.


Halcyon ist Vaterpflanze von


Anglo Saxon

Rounded grey-green leaves with a variable yellow margin, 'Crepe Suzette Streaked' x 'Halcy

Bedford Blue

Chalky blue leaves, a beautiful hybrid of hypoleuca and 'Halcyon'.

Blue Mountains

No information available yet


No information available yet

Border Bandit

Blue-green leaves with a creamy-yellow edge, 'Halcyon' parentage.

Chantilly Lace

Blue-green leaves with a creamy-white edge, 'Calypso' x 'Halcyon' hybrid.

Chrystal Blue

No information available yet


Halcyon ähnliche Hostas sind:


Intense blue leaves, a 'Tardiana', looks a lot like 'Halcyon', but is a bit larger.

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