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Hosta 'Sun Mouse' ®


Small, rounded yellow leaves. Not a sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' but a seedling with all the characteristics of 'Blue Mouse Ears'.

Hosta Sun Mouse has yellow leaves and ist eine small Hosta that has lavender  Blüten und wächst in semi shade and full shade . Die Höhe ist 15 bis 20 cm und sie wächst medium

Die Mutterpflanze ist Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'.

Sun Mouse hat folgende Sports hervorgebracht:


Gold Hearted Mouse

Thick, rounded yellow leaves. A sport of ‘Sun Mouse’ that is selected because of its more

Golden Locks

Wavy yellow leaves. Longer and thinner leaves than ‘Sun Mouse’ of which it is a sport.

Mouse Salad

No information available yet

Surfing Mouse

Long and pointed yellow leaves. Sport of 'Sun Mouse' but lost all characteristics of a "mo

Tiny Star

Small lance-shaped yellow leaves. ‘Sun Mouse’ sport with not many characteristics anymore

Sun Mouse ist Mutterpflanze von

Sun Mouse ist Vaterpflanze von

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