Hosta ' Fluted Fountain '


Vase-shaped plant of arching green leaves with ruffled margins, 'Sun Power' x 'Donahue's Piecrust' hybrid.

Hosta ' Fluted Fountain ' has green leaves and is a large Hosta that has near white flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 60 to 65 cm and the growth is medium.

The pod parent is unknown x Sun Power.

The Pollen parent is Hosta 'Donahue Piecrust'.

Fluted Fountain sports:

Fluted Fountain is a pod parent for:

Fluted Fountain is a pollen parent for:

Proud Peacock

No information available yet

Raucous Ruffles

Folden blue-green leaves with ruffled margins and lots of puckering.

Thrills and Frills

Matte lime green, puckered leaves with deeply impressed veins and a twisted tip. The leaves have a y

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sun and shade

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