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Hosta 'Gold Regal'

(Sold out) (Hosta clearance!)

Upright golden leaves, some sun for a good color.

Hosta Gold Regal has yellow leaves and is a large Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 65 to 70 cm and the growth is medium .

Gold Regal sports:


Academy Lime Vuvuzela

No information available yet

Academy Live Vuvuzela

No information available yet

Alex Summers

Upright green leaves with a yellow margin, a beautiful sport of 'Gold Regal'.

Cloud Nine

No information available yet

David Reath

Upright green leaves with an irregular yellow margin, a sport of 'Gold Regal'.

Gold Regal Margined

No information available yet

Independence Day

Upright grey-green leaves with a greenish-yellow margin, sport of 'Gold Regal'.


Gold Regal is a pod parent for:



No information available yet

Blue Regal

Oval-shaped chalky blue leaves are corrugated. A hybrid between 'Gold Regal'and 'Blue Visi

Blue Lettuce

Thick and corrugated blue leaves that are unruly folded and cupped.

Big Dipper

No information available yet

Cerulean Magic

Rounded, bright blue leaves of good substance. A good growing cross between 'Gold Regal' a

Farewell Party

Heart-shaped yellow leaves with a slightly wavy margin.

Fort Knox

Upright golden leaves of good substance, 'Gold Regal' x 'Aspen Gold' hybrid.


Gold Regal is a pollen parent for:


Blue Betty Lou

Heart-shaped blue leaves, 'True Blue' x 'Gold Regal' hybrid.

Brazen Hussy

No information available yet


Bright gold leaves in spring turning shiny green later in the year. Another addition to th

Dixieland Delight

No information available yet

Golden Teacup

Upright cupped golden leaves of good substance, 'Aspen Gold' x 'Gold Regal' hybrid.

Golden Torch

No information available yet


Heart-shaped golden leaves, ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' x 'Gold Regal' hybrid.


Gold Regal is similar to:

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sun and shade

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