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Hosta ' Golden Waffles '

(Not for sale)

Rounded greenish-yellow changing to golden leaves, 'Tokudama' type.

Hosta ' Golden Waffles ' has yellow leaves and is a medium Hosta that has near white flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 50 to 55 cm and the growth is medium to slow .

The pod parent is Hosta 'Gold Cadet'.

The Pollen parent is Aden 388.

Golden Waffles sports:

Golden Waffles is a pod parent for:


Alabama Gold

Bright yellow leaves of good substance and some cupping, leaves are held horizontally.

Aztec Treasure

Heart-shaped wrinkled yellow leaves of good substance, 'Golden Waffles' hybrid.

Estelle Aden

Cupped and puckered yellowish-green leaves, 'Golden Waffles' x 'Gold Cup' hybrid, slow gro

Gold Pan

No information available yet

Tijuana Brass

Light green changing to yellow puckered leaves, 'Golden Waffles' x 'Polly Bishop' hybrid.


Cupped and puckered golden leaves, good substance, 'Golden Waffles' x 'Golden Prayers' hyb

Golden Waffles is a pollen parent for:


Little Aurora

Rounded puckered golden leaves, a small version of a golden 'Tokudama'.

Golden Prayers

No information available yet

High Pockets Gold

No information available yet

Ledi Lantis

No information available yet

Maui Hana

No information available yet

Midas Touch

Thick cupped and puckered golden leaves, 'Tokudama' type, 'Gold Cup' x 'Golden Waffles' hy

Shocking Chartreuse

No information available yet


Golden Waffles is similar to:

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