Hosta ' Green Piecrust '

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Green leaves with a very rippled margin, a montana type, better in the garden than on a pot.

Hosta ' Green Piecrust ' has green leaves and is a large Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 60 to 65 cm and the growth is medium.

Green Piecrust sports:

Piecrust Promise

Dark green leaves with a lighter green center. Heavily rippled margin of the leaves when m

Green Piecrust is a pod parent for:

Birchwood Ruffled Queen

Bright heart-shaped gold leaves with a wavy margin, turns shiny light green later in the s

Black Beauty

Thick dark green leaves with ruffled edges, a hybrid of 'Green Piecrust'.

Classic Delight

No information available yet

Dandy Lion

Large, rounded yellow leaves of good substance, hybride of 'Green Piecrust' and 'Just So'.

Grey Piecrust

Heart-shaped grey-green leaves, mature plant develops a very rippled margin.

Hoop Skirt

No information available yet

Louis Cyr

No information available yet

Madison Mine

No information available yet

Osiris Louis Cyr

No information available yet

Ruffled Petticoats

No information available yet

Sea Angel Wings

Yellowish-green leaves with a rippled margin.

Sea Drift

Grey-green leaves with piecrust edge and puckered center, a 'Green Piecrust' hybrid.

Green Piecrust is a pollen parent for:

American Beauty

No information available yet

Circus Clown

Round green puckered leaves with a very ruffled margin.


No information available yet


Wavy chartreuse changing to yellow leaves, 'Gold Drop' x 'Green Piecrust' hybrid.

My Hollywood Romance

No information available yet


Dark green leaves with a ruffled margin, 'Donahue Piecrust' x 'Green Piecrust'.

Green Piecrust is similar to:

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sun and shade

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