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Hosta kikutii

(Not for sale)

Narrow pointed arching green leaves, impressed veins, later flowering than average.

Hosta kikutii has green leaves and is a medium Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 35 to 40 cm and the growth is fast to medium .

kikutii sports:


Hyuga Rasha

No information available yet

Hyuga Urajiro

Narrow spear-like grey-green leaves with irregular yellow streaks, nice kikutii selection

Kifukurin Hyuga

Green leaves with a yellow edge, also known as kikutii 'Aureomarginata'.

Sheaf of Grain

No information available yet

kikutii is a pod parent for:


Addicted to Love

Pointed blue-green leaves with slightly wavy margins. Received as kikutii white back but d

Biddy's Blue

Pointed arching blue-green leaves with a wavy margin, a.k.a. 'Kiwi Biddy Blue', but this i


Arching green leaves, also known as kikutii 'Finlandia', obvious a kikutii type.

Glacier Cascade

Upright wavy green leaves with white backs, an interesting kikutii x hypoleuca hybrid.

Harvest Delight

Narrow dark green leaves, a kikutii selection, according to G. Schmid a species, late flow

High Pockets Gold

No information available yet

Hirao Splendor

Narrow green leaves, must be related to kikutii, formally known as 'Hirao nr59'.


kikutii is a pollen parent for:



No information available yet


No information available yet

Fatal Attraction

Pointed green leaves with a yellow edge, kikutii is one of its parents.

Harvest Desire

No information available yet


No information available yet

Summer Dress

No information available yet

Valley's Roadrunner

No information available yet

kikutii is similar to:

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