Hosta montana f. macrophylla

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Very large heart-shaped leaves with deeply impressed veins, impressive Hosta.

Hosta montana f. macrophylla has green leaves and is a extra large Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 100 to 120 cm and the growth is medium.

montana f. macrophylla sports:

montana f. macrophylla is a pod parent for:


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Frosted Jade

Large heart-shaped green leaves with a white margin, obvious a montana type.

King Michael

Very large heart-shaped leaves, montana type, looks like 'Green Acres'.

Magic Mountain

No information available yet

Mesa Verde

No information available yet

Niagara Falls

Large arching dark green leaves, very rippled margin, montana f. macrophylla x 'Sea Drift'

T Rex

Gigantic green leaves, montana f. macrophylla x 'Big John' hybrid, needs a lot of room.


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montana f. macrophylla is a pollen parent for:

Arnold Black

Chartreuse emerging leaves that turn bright gold as the season progress.

Big Brass

No information available yet

Emerald City

No information available yet

Grand Canyon

Upright greenish-yellow leaves, rippled margin, 'Sum and Substance' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid.

Long Meadow

No information available yet

Midnight Sun

Large yellow leaves with a wavy margin, 'High Noon' x montana macrophylla hybrid.

Night and Day

No information available yet

Orion's Belt

Large heart-shaped dark green leaves with a wide creamy margin, a 'Pin Stripe' x montana f. macrophy

Pretty Peggy

Puckered yellow leaves of good substance.


Semi-upright bright golden leaves with a slightly wavy margin, 'White Vision' x montana f. macrophyl

Alice Gladden

No information available yet

Amazing Grace

Dark green leaves with a slightly wavy white margin, 'Pin Stripe' x montana f. macrophylla hybrid.

montana f. macrophylla is similar to:

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