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Hosta nakaiana

(Not for sale)

Heart-shaped green leaves, mother plant of many of the smaller Hostas.

Hosta nakaiana has green leaves and is a small Hosta that has pale purple flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 15 to 20 cm and the growth is fast to medium .

nakaiana sports:


Kate's Legacy

No information available yet

nakaiana is a pod parent for:



Heart-shaped green leaves with a very wavy margin, nakaiana x ventricosa hybrid.

Big Hearted

No information available yet

Birchwood Gem

Small heart-shaped green leaves, obvious a nakaiana type.

Blue Boy

Heart-shaped blue-green leaves, nakaiana x sieboldiana hybrid, very fast grower.


Small heart-shaped green leaves, good growing nakaiana hybrid, selected because of its flo


Rounded grey-green leaves with a slightly wavy edge, somewhat older and unknown variety.

Burke's Dwarf

Small heart-shaped green leaves, a nakaiana type, also known as 'Krossa E-6'.


nakaiana is a pollen parent for:



Heart-shaped slightly cupped grey-green leaves, 'Green Platter' x nakaiana hybrid.

Warwick Curtsey

Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a yellow margin, fast grower.

Warwick Edge

Heart-shaped green leaves, yellow changing to white margin, 'William Lachman' x nakaiana h

nakaiana is similar to:

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sun and shade

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