Hosta ' Riptide '


Grey-green leaves with red petioles, white back of the leaves, probable a pycnophylla hybrid.

Hosta ' Riptide ' has green leaves and is a medium Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade. The height is 45 until 50 cm and the growth is medium.

Riptide sports:

Riptide is a pod parent for:

Holar Microstip

No information available yet


Green leaves with a wavy margin, good substance, 'Riptide' hybrid, late flowering.

Dragon Fire

Grey-green lightly folded leaves on long reddish-purple petioles.

Red Cadet

Grey-green leaves with purple-red petioles and flower scapes, 'Riptide' x 'Blue Cadet', fa

Peacock Strut

Upright blue-grey leaves that turns green later in the season, good purple petioles and fl

Dragon's Eye

Wavy frosty green leaves with a white back, tall purple petiols, a 'Riptide' seedling.

Mr. Blue

Powdery blue leaves on purple-red petioles. A outstanding variety.

Mr. Watson

is 'Mister Watson'.


No information available yet

Mean Joe Green

No information available yet

Holar Flying Saucer

No information available yet

Holar Smokey Water

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Shiny and corrugated leaves

Riptide is a pollen parent for:

Carolina Blue

Good blue leaves, also in full sun, 'Halcyon' x 'Riptide' hybrid.

Purple Boots

Smokey grey-green leaves, beautiful purple petioles and scapes, 'Gig Harbor' x 'Riptide', very ferti

Colorado River

No information available yet

Virginia Reel

Narrow, pointed blue leaves with a yellow edge that turns to cream.

Valley's Petticoat

No information available yet

Lime Custard

No information available yet

Missouri River

No information available yet

Holar Purple Flash

Green leaves with a splash of purple in the center of the leaves. A improved version of 'Purple Haze

Uniquely Catawampus

No information available yet

Riptide is similar to:

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