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Hosta ' Shining Tot '

(Not for sale)

Very small shiny green leaves.

Hosta ' Shining Tot ' has green leaves and is a mini Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade. The height is 3 to 6 cm and the growth is medium to slow.

The pod parent is Hosta venusta.

The Pollen parent is Hosta 'Rock Master'.

Shining Tot sports:

Shining Tot is a pod parent for:


Bright gold leaves in spring turning shiny green later in the year. Another addition to th


Small shiny dark green leaves, 'Shining Tot' x venusta hybrid.

Lemon Zest

No information available yet

Lime Zest

Shiny, bright green leaves. A seedling of 'Shining Tot', a bit bigger and obvious a better


No information available yet

Radio Waves

Green leaves with in spring a lighter green centre, fast growing, 'Shining Tot' hybrid.

Rhythm and Blues

Very wavy elongated blue-green leaves, that turns medium green later, different appearance

Shining Tot is a pollen parent for:

All Bright

Yellow leaves.


Small bright yellow leaves of good substance that change to apple-green later in the season. A hybri


Slightly wavy blue-green leaves. A fast growing hybrid of a gold sport of 'Blue Dimples' and 'Shinin


Small, heart-shaped blue-grey leaves.


Heart-shaped wavy blue leaves. Another addition to the "Tini"-series of Q and Z nursery.

Childhood Sweetheart

Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow changing to cream margin, variegated 'Tardiflora' x 'Shining T


Heart-shaped, wavy blue leaves. One of the bluest of Mark Zilis his 'Tini' series.


Round and cupped blue-green leaves.


Small, green and wavy leaves. Fast growing cross between 'Pilgrim' and 'Shining Tot'.

Good Looking

Heart-shaped green leaves with yellowish-green streaks, a cross between 'Dorothy Benedict' and 'Shin

Kathy Sorensen

No information available yet


Chartreuse emerging leaves that color to bright yellow quickly.


Bright yellow leaves turning to lime green as the season progress.

Looking Good

Heart-shaped green leaves with yellowish-green streaks.


Wavy, grey-green leaves. Pretty flowers in August.


Small greyish-green leaves. The smallest in the 'tini' series of Mark Zilis.


No information available yet

Raspberry Sorbet

Shiny wavy dark green leaves, purple-red petioles, rupifraga x 'Shining Tot' hybrid.

Regal Tot

Roundish, chartreuse green leaves that become gold. A cross between 'Gold Regal' and 'Shining Tot'.


Heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves. Good substance for a little Hosta.

Shiny Penny

Heart-shaped shiny golden leaves that change to light green.

Strawberry Yogurt

Pointed, shiny green leaves hold on speckled red petioles. Good substance for a small Hosta.


Wavy blue-green leaves.

Valley's Grand Tot

No information available yet

Valley's Walkabout

No information available yet

Shining Tot is similar to:

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