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Hosta sieboldiana

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Hosta sieboldiana has leaves of unknown color and is a medium Hosta that has unknown flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade . The height is 0 to 0 cm and the growth is medium .

sieboldiana sports:



No information available yet

Doctor Reath

No information available yet


Large blue green leaves with yellow spots in spring, a.k.a. 'Doctor Reath'.

Fisher's Green Magic

No information available yet

Gray Cole

Large cupped and corrugated leaves, one of the best sieboldiana 'Elegans' selections.

Kiwi Blue Cup

is 'Blue Cup'

Kiwi Blue Sunrise

Round blue leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white margin, sport of sieboldiana.


sieboldiana is a pod parent for:


Edina Heritage

Large blue-green puckered leaves, a sieboldiana hybrid.


Very cupped and puckered blue leaves, a sieboldiana seedling that does not grow in a pot.

Goldbrook Gold

Thick green later yellow cupped and puckered leaves, a sieboldiana hybrid, slow but nice.

Grey Beauty

Round grey-green leaves a sieboldiana seedling that stays a bit smaller.


No information available yet


Large blue-green leaves, other plant than the American 'Hercules'.

Indian Princess

No information available yet


sieboldiana is a pollen parent for:


Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Very cupped and puckered leaves, a beautiful and impressive plant.


Large rounded very corrugated leaves, a 'Tokudama' x sieboldiana cross.

Big Sam

Large heart-shaped grey green leaves, a montana x sieboldiana cross.


Thick dark green leaves are heavily corrugated. Eye-catching hybrid of sieboldiana 'Mira'

Blaue Venus

Small round intens blue leaves, one of the best of the German Tardianas and finally availa

Blue Boy

Heart-shaped blue-green leaves, nakaiana x sieboldiana hybrid, very fast grower.

Fall Emerald

Large green leaves with a wavy margin and slightly cupped, montana x sieboldiana hybrid.


sieboldiana is similar to:

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Ben Vernooij

Ben Vernooij

semi shade and full shade

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