Hosta ' Sun Glow '

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Heart-shaped green changing to golden leaves, 'Aspen Gold' hybrid.

Hosta ' Sun Glow ' has yellow leaves and is a medium - large Hosta that has near white flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 50 to 55 cm and the growth is medium.

The pod parent is Hosta 'Aspen Gold'.

The Pollen parent is Hosta 'Aspen Gold'.

Sun Glow sports:

Handy Hatfield

Heart-shaped green leaves with a yellow margin, good substance, sport of 'Sun Glow'.


Golden deeply corrugated leaves with a dark green margin, beautiful Hosta.

Sun Glow is a pod parent for:

White Vision

No information available yet

Sun Glow is a pollen parent for:

Ada Reed

No information available yet

Lakeside Contender

Bright golden leaves, thick substance, a hybrid of the unknown 'Newberry Gold' and 'Sun Glow'.

Lakeside Foaming Sea

Bright yellow leaves of good substance, slightly corrugated, seedling x 'Sun Glow' hybrid.

Sun Glow is similar to:

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