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Hosta 'White Triumphator'

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Upright grey-green leaves, rectifolia hybrid, impressive pure white flowers on tall flower scapes.

Hosta White Triumphator has green leaves and is a large Hosta that has white flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 55 to 60 cm and the growth is medium to slow.

The pod parent is Hosta rectifolia.

White Triumphator sports:

White Triumphator is a pod parent for:


Glen Fetish

No information available yet

Glen Triumph

Upright, grey-blue, later dark green leaves. The upright form and tall flowers are obvious inherited from 'White Triumph

Double Your Pleasure

No information available yet

Glen Eyeful Tower

No information available yet

White Triumphator is a pollen parent for:

White Triumphator is similar to:

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sun and shade

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