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Hosta yingeri

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Thick shiny green leaves, needs moisture and warmth for good growth, special flowers.

Hosta yingeri has green leaves and is a medium Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 35 to 40 cm and the growth is medium.

yingeri sports:

Gentle Spirit

Shiny green leaves with a subtle white margin, a yingeri sport and therfore is a humid and

yingeri f. albiflora

No information available yet

yingeri is a pod parent for:

Because of Art

No information available yet

Blue Haired Lady

Grey-green leaves with a plastic-like substance, a hybrid of yingeri.

Cosmic Blue

No information available yet

Crystal Chimes

Shiny green leaves, a yingeri selection, very special because of its pure white flowers.

Gosan Leather Strap

Narrow very thick shiny green leaves, does not look like a Hosta at all.


No information available yet

Irish Longlegs

No information available yet


Waxy, heart-shaped blue leaves.


No information available yet

Kiwi Leap Frog

No information available yet

Korean Snow

Glossy green leaves, misted with creamy-white streaks, yingeri type, produces variegated s

Lakeside Looking Glass

Wavy very shiny dark green leaves, good substance, yingeri hybrid, needs a warm spot in th

Lily Pad

Dark green shiny leaves with a good substance, yingeri type, needs sun and water.

Mystic Star

Heart-shaped blue leaves, a yingeri x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid.

Old Yeller

No information available yet

Runaround Sue

No information available yet

Short Fat Fanny

No information available yet


Dark green shiny leaves on red petioles of which the red goes way into the back of the lea

Treasure Island

Dark green glossy leaves, broad leafed yingeri selection, spider-shaped flowers.

yingeri is a pollen parent for:

Bedford Rise and Shine

Very shiny dark green leaves with a good yellow margin, vigorous grower, 'Little Wonder' x yingeri h

Celtic Uplands

Deeply corrugated dark green leaves, red petioles, a very good grower.

City Slicker

No information available yet

Class Act

Heart-shaped green leaves with a yellow margin. Hybrid between 'Paul's Glory' and yingeri.

Green Jeans

No information available yet


Shiny dark green leaves with a wide golden margin, a hybrid of 'Swoosh' and yingeri.


Very thick yellowish-green leaves that turn yellow later, 'Sum and Substance' x yingeri hybrid.


Ruffled green leaves with deep veins, an unusual hybrid of 'Precisely' and yingeri.

Old Coot

Shiny dark green leaves with a plastic-like substance, a hybrid of 'Sum and Substance' en yingeri.


Narrow green leaves with a very ruffled margin, pycnophylla x yingeri hybrid.

Sun Catcher

Bright golden leaves that turns shiny green later, very special flowers, 'Ogon Tsushima' x yingeri h

Sunny Side Up

No information available yet

Swamp Thing

Shiny green leaves with a yellow margin, a hybride with yingeri that normally needs a warm spot in

Sweet Tater Pie

Elongated wavy golden leaves, spider-shaped flowers, 'Golden Scepter' x yingeri hybrid.

Treasure Island

Dark green glossy leaves, broad leafed yingeri selection, spider-shaped flowers.

Whiskey Sour

Very bright yellow leaves in spring, beautiful in combination with the red petioles, tsushimensis hy

yingeri is similar to:

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