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Hosta ' August Moon '

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Light green changing to yellow leaves later in the season, needs some sun for good yellow color.

Hosta ' August Moon ' has yellow leaves and is a large Hosta that has pale lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 60 to 65 cm and the growth is fast to medium .

The pod parent is Hosta sieboldiana.

August Moon sports:


Abiqua Moonbeam

Green leaves with a yellow edge, sport of 'August Moon', rapid grower.

August Beauty

Green leaves with a yellow edge, sport of 'August Moon', no visible difference from 'Abiqu

August Emerald

No information available yet

August Moon Green

No information available yet

Carolina Moon

No information available yet

Carol's August Halo

No information available yet

Copenhagen Blue

No information available yet


August Moon is a pod parent for:



Round green cupped and puckered leaves, 'August Moon' x 'Tokudama' hybrid.

Moon Glow

Rounded yellow slightly corrugated leaves, 'August Moon' hybrid.

Moon Waves

Thick yellow leaves with a ruffled margin, a 'August Moon' hybrid.

Ada Reed

No information available yet

Alpine Aire

Green changing to yellow leaves, an 'August Moon' x 'Wogon' seedling.

Amos 2

No information available yet

Andy Taylor

Green leaves of good substance, 'August Moon' x 'Tardiflora' hybrid.


August Moon is a pollen parent for:


Gold Drop

Light green changing to golden leaves, mother plant of many sports.

Honey Moon

Rounded golden leaves, good grower, venusta x 'August Moon' hybrid.

Maui Buttercups

Thick round, cupped and puckered yellow leaves, 'Frances Williams' x 'August Moon' hybrid.

Squash Casserole

Green changing to yellow leaves, heavily rippled margin, 'Hirao Elite' x 'August Moon' hyb

August Moon is similar to:

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sun and shade

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