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Hosta 'Sum and Substance'


Very large greenish-yellow leaves, will be all-gold in sun, one of the largest Hostas.

Hosta Sum and Substance has yellow leaves and ist eine extra large Hosta that has lavender  Blüten und wächst in sun and shade . Die Höhe ist 100 bis 120 cm und sie wächst fast to medium

Sum and Substance hat folgende Sports hervorgebracht:


Abba Windows

No information available yet

American Idol

No information available yet


No information available yet

Beauty Substance

Huge round dark green leaves with a yellow margin, 'Sum and Substance' sport.


Large yellow-green leaves with yellow and white streaks, a sport of 'Sum and Substance'.

Bottom Line

Very large rounded dark green leaves with a yellow margin, a sport of 'Sum and Substance'.


No information available yet


Sum and Substance ist Mutterpflanze von


Nancy Gill

Thick grey-green leaves with a white back, 'Sum and Substance' x pycnophylla hybrid.

New Wave

Grey-green leaves of good substance, a 'Sum and Substance' hybrid.

Old Coot

Shiny dark green leaves with a plastic-like substance, a hybrid of 'Sum and Substance' en


No information available yet

Raleigh Remembrance

Shiny bright golden leaves, 'Sum and Substance' x plantaginea hybrid, needs a warm spot.

Richard Taylor

No information available yet

Righteous Rays

No information available yet


Sum and Substance ist Vaterpflanze von


Abiqua Recluse

Thick, round and puckered green leaves that turns into bright yellow, 'White Vision' x 'Su

Baby Blanket

No information available yet


Green leaves with an irregular creamy-white margin.

First Kiss

No information available yet

Herman's Pride

No information available yet

Hot Air Balloon

Very large yellowish-green leaves that are shiny and have deeply impressed veins. A hybrid

Joyce Trott

Elongated green leaves, creamy centre, 'Flamboyant' x 'Sum and Substance' hybrid.


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sun and shade

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