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Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'


Very thick small round blue leaves, different from all other Hostas, a 'Blue Cadet' sport.

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears has blue leaves ist eine small Hosta that has lavender Blüten und wächst in sun and shade . Die Höhe ist 15 bis 20 cm und sie wächst medium.

Ein Sport von Hosta 'Blue Cadet'.

Blue Mouse Ears hat folgende Sports hervorgebracht:


American Super Mouse

No information available yet

Baby Boo

No information available yet

Blue Mouse Ears Supreme

No information available yet

Buffalo Ice Mouse

Round, blue-green leaves with a unique thin white margin.

Cat and Mouse

Very thick yellowish-green leaves with a blue-green margin, medio-variegated sport of 'Blu

Church Mouse

Blue leaves with a wavy yellow green margin that turns quickly blue-green but remains wavy

Crazy Mouse Ears

No information available yet


Blue Mouse Ears ist Mutterpflanze von


Dream in Blue

No information available yet

Giantland Mouse Cheese

Thick golden-yellow leaves. A golden 'Blue Mouse Ears' of which it is a seedling.

Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears

A seedling of 'Blue Mouse Ears' with yellow leaves. The leaves are grayish green when they

Sun Mouse

Small, rounded yellow leaves. Not a sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' but a seedling with all the

Blue Mouse Ears ist Vaterpflanze von


Quarter Back

Small, rounded dark green leaves. Available plants are not big yet.

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