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Hosta longipes f. hypoglauca


Lance-shaped blue-grey leaves held by purple red petioles. Late-flowering species and finally available again.

Hosta longipes f. hypoglauca has blue leaves and is a medium Hosta that has pale purple flowers and grows in semi shade and full shade . The height is 25 to 30 cm and the growth is medium .

longipes f. hypoglauca sports:

longipes f. hypoglauca is a pod parent for:


Best of Twenty

Heart shaped blue-green leaves. Very intense purplish red petioles and flower scapes. Fin

Blushing Blue

Blue-green leaves where the red-purple of the petioles goes through the veins all the way

Cinnamon Sticks

Grey-green leaves, the red of the petioles goes into the leaves.

Crow's Feet

No information available yet

Fire Island

Bright golden leaves, the red of the petioles reaches into the leaf, very special.

Granddaddy Red Legs

No information available yet

Harry van de Laar

Greyish-green leaves, white back, beautiful red petioles, longipes f. hypoglauca x 'Maruba


longipes f. hypoglauca is a pollen parent for:



Dark green leaves of good substance, striking red petioles, longipes f. hypoglauca is used


Green leaves on long red petioles, the red is clearly visible because of the upright grow

Judy Rocco

Green leaves with purple-red petioles, red goes into the leaves, pycnophylla is involved i

Valley's Sand Dance

No information available yet

Valley's White Suit

No information available yet

longipes f. hypoglauca is similar to:

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Ben Vernooij

Ben Vernooij

semi shade and full shade

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