Hosta ' Maruba Iwa '


Thick green leaves that are slightly cupped and wavy, looks a lot like the European form of rupifraga.

Hosta ' Maruba Iwa ' has green leaves and is a medium Hosta that has lavender  flowers and grows in sun and shade. The height is 30 to 35 cm and the growth is medium to slow.

The pod parent is Hosta longipes var. latifolia.

Maruba Iwa sports:

Maruba Iwa is a pod parent for:

Grand Finale

Dark green shiny leaves, 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid, a lot of flowers in the fall.

Tsuma Tajima

No information available yet

Maruba Iwa is a pollen parent for:

Cinnamon Sticks

Grey-green leaves, the red of the petioles goes into the leaves.

Harry van de Laar

Greyish-green leaves, white back, beautiful red petioles, longipes f. hypoglauca x 'Maruba Iwa' hybr

Red Sox

Green leaves on very red petioles, one the first cultivars with red petioles, longipes f. hypoglauca

Swizzle Sticks

Thick heart-shaped green leaves, red petioles, a small longipes type that flowers late.

Maruba Iwa is similar to:

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