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Hosta 'Harry van de Laar'


Greyish-green leaves, white back, beautiful red petioles, longipes f. hypoglauca x 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid.

Hosta Harry van de Laar has green leaves held on red petioles and is a medium Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in sun and shade . The height is 35 to 40 cm and the growth is medium.

The pod parent is Hosta longipes f. hypoglauca.

The Pollen parent is Hosta 'Maruba Iwa'.

Harry van de Laar sports:



Green leaves with yellow streaks, a sport of 'Harry van de Laar' found at our nursery.

Memory of Harry

No information available yet

Harry van de Laar is a pod parent for:


Busia's Choice

No information available yet

Frisian Misty Sky

Blue-grey leaves with a wavy margin on purple petioles.

Frisian Simply Red

No information available yet

Holar Banana Moon

No information available yet

Holar Red Wine

Fresh green leaves on intensely red petioles. The red of the petioles goes into the leaves.


Harry van de Laar is a pollen parent for:


Holar Crimson Grape

Glossy, dark-green leaves with the red of the petiols reaching half way into the leaves. Cross of 'One Man's Treasure' a

Harry van de Laar is similar to:

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